Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag Cheats

The following is a list of all achievements for Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag and the reward in gamer-points for unlocking them.

“Keeper of the Lions Passant” – Collect every one of Richard’s flags(25 points)
“The Eagle and The Apple” – Finish the story Line(100 points)
“Personal Vendetta” – Kill every Templar in the game(40 points)
“Keeper of the Crescent” – Collect every flag in Damascus(20 points)
“Keeper of the Creed” – Collect every flag in Masyaf(10 points)
“Fearless” – Finish all Reach High Points(25 points)
“Defender of the People: Acre” – Complete all free missions in Acre(20 points)
“Keeper of the Four Gospels” – Collect every flag in Jerusalem(20 points)
“Absolute Symbiosis” – 100% game synchronization(45 points)
“Hungerer of Knowledge” – Find 85% of memory glitches(20 points)
“Eagle’s Dance” – Preform 50 Leaps of Faith(10 points)
“Eagle’s Swiftness” – Preform 100 counter-kills(20 points)
“Eagle’s Talon” – Preform 50 stealth kills(15 points)
“Defender of the People: Damascus” – Complete all free missions in Damascus (20 points)
Defender of the People: Jerusalem” – Complete all free missions in Jerusalem (20 points)
“Conversationalist” – Finish every dialog in the game(20 points)“Disciple of the Creed” – Assassinate every target with full DNA(30 points)
Eagle’s Will” – Defeat 100 opponents without dying(20 points)
“Eagle’s Flight” – Survive 10 minutes of fighting without dying(20 points)
“Keeper of the Order” – Collect all Templar Flags(10 points)
“Eagle’s Challenge” – Defeat 20 enemies in a single fight(20 points)
“Keeper of the 8 Virtues” – Collect all Hospitalier Flags(10 points)
“Eagle’s Prey” – Assassinate 100 guards(20 points)
“The hands of a Thief” – Steal 200 Throwing knives(15 points)
“Blade in the Crowd” – Assassinate a target from within the a crowd(30 points)
“March of the Pious” – Scholar blending 20 times(5 points)
“Eagle’s Eye” – Defeat 75 enemies using throwing knives(15 points)
“Enemy of the Poor” – Throw 25 Harassers(5 points)
“Eagle’s Dive” – Preform 100 combo kills(20 points)
“Keeper of the Black Cross” – Collect all Teutonic Flags(10 points)
“Gifted Escapist” – Jump through 20 merchants(5 points)

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