Call OF Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Cheats

Since there are no “cheat codes” for call of duty modern warfare 2 and any other call of duty games we will post what youy can get with your killstreaks and how to unlock “pro” perks.

Game Hints – Killstreak Rewards:

When playing a match you will unlock the following by getting the required killstrak(s) (kills without dying)

3 Kills give you a UAV and reveal all players on the minimap
4 Kills give you a care package that can contain ammo or another killstreak reward but can be collected by anyone
5 Kills give you a sentry gun that gets dropped off a plane
5 Kills can also give you a preditor missile that you can direct
6 Kills give you a precision air strike which you choose a location to get bombed
7 Kills give you a Harrier Strike that you choose the location on the map for it to defend
7 Kills can also give you an Attack Helicopter Backup
8 Kills give you an emergency air drop that has 4 ammo packs and 4 killstreak rewards but can be picked up by anyone
9 Kills give you a Pave Low armored helicopter for backup
11 Kills make you a chopper gunner and you can operate a helicopter’s machine gun for a fixed time
11 Kills can also make you an AC130 gunner which you can operate the plane’s maing guns for a fixed time
15 Kills give you an EMP that disables all enemy electronics
25 Kills will give you a nuclear strike that kills all members of both teams and the team that had the strike wins the match

Unlock The Museum Stage
In order to unlock the museum stage you have to complete the campaign in any difficulty.
Each displayed exhibit is a game model and by pressing the red button that reads “DO NOT PRESS” will bring all exhibits to life and they will attempt to kill you.

Unlock: Professional Perks

Upgrade your perks by following the actions below:

Commando Pro
– Gives: No fall damage and increased melee distance
– You need to get 20 melee kills with the Commando Perk

Ninja Pro
– Gives: Invisibility to heartbeat sensors and makes your footsteps silent
– You need to get 50 close range kills using the Ninja Perk

Danger Close Pro
– Gives: Increases explosive weapon damage and extra air support damage
– You need to get 100 Kills with explosives while using the Danger Close Perk

Hardline Pro
– Gives: Killstreak rewards require 1 less kill and Deathstreak rewards require 1 less Death
– You need to get 40 Killstreaks but they have to be 2 or more in a row without dying using the Hardline Perk

Lightweight Pro
– Gives: Faster mobility and Quick aim after sprinting
– You need to run 30 miles using the Lightweight Perk

Bling Pro
– Gives: 2 Primary Weapon Attachments and 2 Secondary Weapon Attachments
– You have to get 200 kills with a weapon that has two attachments

Scavenger Pro
– Gives: Ability to resupply from dead enemies and extra magazines
– You need to resupply 100 times using the Scavenger Perk

Scrambler Pro
– Gives: Ability to jam the enemy radar near you and delay enemy claymore explosions
– You need to get 50 close range kills using the Scrambler Perk

Sitrep Pro
– Gives: Ability to detect enemy explosives and tactical insertions also makes enemy footsteps louder
– You need to destroy 120 detected explosives or tactical insertions using the Sitrep Perk

Cold-Blooded Pro
– Gives: Makes you hidden from UAV, sentries, thermal imaging, air support and no red crosshair or Name when when enemis target you
– You have to destroy 40 enemy Killstreak rewards using the Cold-Blooded Perk

Steady Aim Pro
– Gives: Increased hip shot cccuracy and longer breath hold duration for scoped weapons
– You need to get 80 hip shot kills using Steady Aim

Stopping Power Pro
– Gives: Extra bullet damage and extra damage to enemy vehicles
– You need to get 300 kills using the Stopping Power Perk

Marathon Pro
– Gives: Unlimited sprint and faster climbing
– You need to run 26 miles using the Marathon Perk

Sleight of Hand Pro
– Gives: Increaced reloading speed and increaced aiming speed
– You need to get 120 kills using the Sleight of Hand Perk

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