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Rust is an online only multiplayer survival game developed by facepunch studios in the United Kingdom. The game is currently under its alpha active development stage that means that even though the game is not finished the developer allows people to play it. Even though the alpha stage, the game has thousands of players daily which makes it a massive multiplayer game.

The well awaited Rust Cheats are now available! Read below and discover one of the first ever and most amazing Rust Cheats ever released! The Rust Hack offered by CheatersInc includes the following:

– Aimbot is a feature that helps you with your aiming. It automatically points your crosshair at the enemy’s head making it easier to get kills and also allowing you to kill enemies very far away.

No Spread
– No spread removes the spread effect that every gun generates when you are shooting, increasing your accuracy to the maximum.

No Recoil
– Along with No Spread, the No Recoil feature removes all of the recoil that weapons generate boosting up your accuracy to 100% when combined witn No Spread and Aimbot.

No Reload
– Never reload again! You can now have all your available ammunition within one single big magazine!

The hack offers ESP, visual features that allow you to spot enemies from far away and also behind walls and other objects making it easier to follow, stalk and recognize them! If that wasn’t enough the hack also offers esp on animals and lootable objects!

Player ESP:
Player Name – Displays the name of the player
Player Distance – Displays the distance of the player (how far the player is from you)
Player Box – Draws a rectangular box around the player
Player Weapon – Displays the currently equipped weapon or item of the player

Animal ESP:
Animal Name – Displays the name of the animal
Animal Distance – Displays the current distance of the animal from you
Animal Icon – Draws an icon of the animal in case you don’t want text filling up your screen.

Lootable ESP:
Lootable Item Name – Displays the name of the dropped item / item create
Lootable Item Distance – Displays the current distance of the item from you
Lootable Item Icon – Draws an icon of the animal in case you don’t want text filling up your screen.

Dynamic Fade Icons
– Makes the Icons on animals and lootables fade when they reach certain distances so they dont fill up your screen for no reason!

Light Hack
– Light hack is one of the most useful features in the game! What it does is allow you to see in the night like if it was day! It creates an area of light around you allowing you to do anything you want in the night.

Apart of the aimbot and visual features there are a few misc features in the hack too! They are also very useful just like the rest.

Speed Hack
– With the speed hack you can adjust your player’s speed up to 20x the original walk/run speed or increace it only a little bit which allows you to move faster than other players while staying undetected by admin’s eyes.

Jump Hack
– Along with the speed hack, there is a jump hack! The jump hack allows you to bump up the jump height that your player can jump up to !!!30!!! times the normal jump height. You could jump over mountains with a single jump!

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